How to become rich and successful ?

Do you want to forget about money-related problems forever ? Want to be happy ? Do you want to get out of the debt hole and forget about the loans ? Want to be strong and confident ?
Do you want to indulge in anything ?  You are on the right way!
You can change your life right now!

Famous Siberian Esoteric and parapsychologist Igor Leonidovich Nikolaev will help you find what you want!
Money magic will help you get good luck in business, get promotion, get great deals and even win the lottery!

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That can be done with the help money magic:

You can become rich and successful! Igor Leonidovich will help you to attract or restore money luck, success in business and successful completion of all your positive initiatives. It does not matter how long the black stripe in your life lasts, Igor Leonidovich Nikolaev will help you to refract the negative course of your life, to attract financial flows, and to resolve any unpleasant situations in your favor. More than 30 years of practice and thousands of satisfied customers, give reason to confidently say that nothing is impossible in life! 

The algorithm of the interaction


Preliminary consultation

Contact the contact details listed on the website. You will receive General advice on your issue.                     


Diagnostics and interaction

Igor Leonidovich will consider your problem, determine the degree of negative impact and appoint a day and hour of reception.



You must arrive at the appointment at the appointed time. Your problem will be studied in detail, recommendations will be given and necessary actions will be taken. The duration of admission is not limited and depends on your situation. If you can not come in person, you will get all the advice on skype,viber or whatsapp                        

You will wait until luck turns to face you ? Or will you take everything from life yourself ? If you are impressed with the second option, throw away doubts! Just call!

Our Contacts


Russia, Krasnoyarsk, Sosnovaya st. 5, The Study Of Esotericism Igor Nikolaev


+7 (391) 252 51 77

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